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We are looking for a highly motivated postdoc or Phd student interested in working on:

Centriolar plaque and microtubule organization during atypical nuclear division


Recent findings in the lab suggest that the microtubule organizing center of P.falciparum, called centriolar plaque, have an atypical organization, that has not been described before in any organism. We now aim to investigate centriolar plaques and nuclear microtubule dynamics and structure using a combination of live cell, super-resolution, and electron microscopy. Together with modern molecular genetics methods we will then characterize key proteins of the malaria parasite division apparatus.


If you are highly motivated and passionate about malaria cell biology and cell division this project will give you the opportunity to work within one of the biggest malaria research hubs at Heidelberg University Hospital with access to one of the best equipped infectious disease imaging platform world-wide ( You can expect to work in a very collaborative environment and have consistent interactions with all members of the group. The position will be funded by the HFSP Career Development Award, but you should be willing to apply for additional funding.

Julien Guizetti, PhD

Centre for Infectious Diseases, Parasitology
Heidelberg University Hospital
Im Neuenheimer Feld 344, Room 204b
69120 Heidelberg, Germany
Phone: ++49 6221 567877

Orcid: 0000-0002-8762-4259

Funded by:

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